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The name says it all.

I love film and animation, ugly works of love, and small, magical things. This page is just some of the stuff that passes through my mind.

De Herinacio. On the Hedgehog by obrazki nunu

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Circle of Abstract Ritual by Jeff Frost

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Marilyn Myller by Parabella

2 months ago
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Chocolate Mill by Wieki Somers

2 months ago
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This is clearly a cyclops.

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Two by Steven Subotnick

3 weeks ago
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KUNG FURY Trailer by Xyo

2 months ago
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Sketch Three: Avant-Garde (R.P.M. 2) by Ryan Fox

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《太陽留住我 Stop Peeping》by Wong Ping by WongPing

3 months ago
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The Problem with “Friend Zone” Theory

Obviously the whole Friend Zone idea is completely wrong-headed, but I have a problem with the swath of articles demonizing people who have the friend zone mentality. The perspective from those articles seems to be that those guys just can’t conceive of women as people. Ergo they’re misogynistic douchenozzles or whatever.

The problem I have with that is that as someone who has always had ADHD, empathizing with anyone, men or women or other, is inherently difficult for me. The concept of the “friend zone” puts words to my own adolescent confusion over relationships and romance. Empathy’s hard if you can’t intuit it. And if you don’t have good empathy, it’s really confusing when you start having all these strong romantic feelings for people who don’t reciprocate.

Again, I’ll reinforce that I think the whole Friend Zone thing is pretty crap. But there also isn’t a very good social framework to teach people who aren’t just born with empathy how to be considerate of other people. And it sucks to have ADHD, stumble through life without anybody teaching you how emotions work, and then get demonized as a misogynist dirt bag when you get frustrated at someone for being hard to understand.

At a certain point the burden does rest on the individual to just figure that stuff out. That’s not really a controversial idea. But by the same token, anyone attempting to advocate and push a social cause also has to bear the responsibility of understanding the other side of the story. Caricaturing and vilifying people with neurobehavioral disorders just encourages animosity for people who are already at a social disadvantage.

Of course, any time you go around criticizing feminist arguments, you’re bound to attract exactly the wrong type of supporters.

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